My work -- typically vibrant and often with multiple elements or panels -- uses geometric shape, color and the interaction of shapes and colors to express thoughts, feelings and observations in an abstract manner. The work reflects the strong influence of artists such as Frank Stella (visual energy), Gene Davis (symphony of colors) and Harvey Littleton (communication among elements).

Acknowledging and distilling the impact of these (and other) artists, I refer to my work with the shorthand "The Geometry of Abstraction: Shape + Color + Interaction©." What makes my abstract expression notable is that it runs counter to the precise verbal expression fostered by my legal education at Georgetown and experience (legislatively representing a medical specialty and drafting health legislation for a federal agency), setting up a creative challenge of communicating non-verbally through the interaction of color and shape.

Almost invariably, the media of these pieces are acrylic on wood, fiberboard or, more recently, canvas. While the non-canvas pieces often have a third dimension of depth, projecting away from a wall, my current work on canvas is two-dimensional with perception of a third dimension.

Although the expression is mine, I hope the resulting abstraction allows the viewer to experience the abstraction from whatever perspective(s) the viewer may bring to a particular piece. Deliberately so, there are no right or wrong interpretations.

My work is a synthesis of the internal -- what I am thinking and feeling at the moment -- and the external -- what is happening more broadly around me, including music and politics. Reflecting my own aesthetic bias (as well as the nature of the shapes and colors), these pieces offer to the viewer a visual rhythm, a geometry of abstraction.


—Touchstone Gallery, Wash., D.C.

—Washington Project for the Arts, Wash., D.C.

2019 Exhibitions

Emerging Artists Juried Exhibition, City of Gaithersburg, MD, Gallery at Bohrer Park (March 15 - April 22).

—Regional Juried Exhibition, Hill Center Galleries, Wash. D.C. (Jan 10 - March 3).